Power Flushing & System De-Scaling

Power flushing and system descaling is used to remove the sludge and corrosion from your central heating system. Over time particles of corrosion and scale can build up within your boiler and central heating system which can block pipework preventing the radiators from distributing heat properly.
This can cause internal damage to your boiler, heating pumps and valves making it work harder to
heat your home and water, leading to higher fuel bills and costly repairs.

Does your boiler or central heating system suffer from...

  1. Radiators partially or completely cold                • The boiler is noisy or keeps overheating
    • Repeated pump failures                                    • Blocked pipework & valves
    • Radiator water is dirty or discoloured

The power flushing unit is simply connected to the central heating system. The combination of specialist cleaning chemicals and powerful flow will dislodge the deposits and flush them out into magnetic filter. Once the power flush has been completed a corrosion inhibitor will be added to the system and the radiators rebalanced.

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