Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

An unvented cylinder works off the mains water pressure to move hot water around the property, eliminating the need for a header tank which frees up valuable space in the loft. Unvented Cylinders offer higher hot water flow rates and are therefore able to provide higher water pressure for showers and baths, ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms.

Centroheat are Gas Safe registered installers of unvented systems, we can install, service and repair
your unvented cylinder.

Benefits of an unvented hot water system:

• Higher hot water flow rates then a traditional system
• High performance showering throughout the home
• Fast running taps and quicker filling baths
• Retains water temperatures for longer
• No need for additional pumps
• Quicker and more energy efficient at heating water
• Can be located anywhere in the property

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